Acrylic Towel Ring B-820 Texture Blue -Euro

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  • It is made of a durable, solid material that can hold your towels and napkins. The open form of this hanger, which must be wall mounted, helps to keep the hanging napkins, towels, and garments dry.
    • Product hanging is maintained by the towel ring hanger. It is fastened off the counter and keeps your valuable towel or napkin close at hand so you may use it whenever you choose.
    • It has a smooth surface, which gives it a distinctive appearance and gives it the ability to withstand corrosion and rust. In the kitchen, bathroom, and area close to the washbasin, it can be used to hang towels, napkins, and clothing.
    • To prevent water and dust from condensing on this napkin stand, we suggest cleaning it occasionally with wet and dry towels. Do not use strong chemicals.
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